Token investments
Our portfolio spans all corners of the decentralised economy with a focus on cutting edge niche technologies which push the boundaries of innovation and scope.
Decentralised Applications

NEAR is a sharded layer one protocol for launching and scaling decentralised applications on the open web
Maple Finance is a capital market connecting institutional lenders and borrowers of digital assets
DeFi Lending Platform
Maple Finance
Persistence is an interoperable protocol built to facilitate the creation of next generation financial products, bridging the realms of DeFi and traditional finance
Next Generation Financial Products
MAHA is the governance token supporting ARTH, a stable coin designed to maintain purchasing power irrespective of market conditions
Non Depreciating Currency
Panther utilised zero knowledge SNARK technology to provide DeFi users fully collateralised privacy enhanced digital assets
Privacy for Decentralised Finance
Panther Protocol
Structure enables users to invest in tokenized stocks, ETFs, options and wide array of digital assets
DeFi Powered Investment Platform
Option Room is a user governed oracle and forecast protocol enabling users to create prediction markets for the outcome of any event
Oracle and Prediction Protocol
Option Room
Sigmadex is a cross chain, game theoretic perpetual liquidity protocol
DeFi Liquidity Protocol
Kira is a cross chain protocol facilitating DeFi applications underpinned by tokenized real world assets
DeFi Applications backed with real assets
Kira Core
Coin Burp brings Centralised Finance and Decentralised Finance together to allow users to buy, trade and store crypto and NFTs
CeFi/DeFi NFT Wallet
UniLend is a permissionless lending protocol enabling any ERC20 to be used as collateral for loans
DeFi Lending
Bumper is a price protection protocol that allows users to set the price price at which they want their asset protected, providing downside protection with upside potential
Price Protection Protocol
Bumper Finance
Octopus is a network for launching and running Web 3.0 application specific blockchains at a fraction of the cost to competitors, facilitating a new wave of innovation for Web 3.0.
Web 3.0 Application Layer
Octopus Network
Unified NFT Management Platform
PicIPO is Polygon powered NFT platform enabling users to mint, trade and monetize digital artwork all in one place with embedded DeFi tools to enhance content monetisation
Equity investments
What started as a crypto specific firm has quickly diversified into more traditional equity investments recognising innovation in other technology fields and broadening and strengthening our portfolio.
AI Systems Control
Phaidra uses AI and machine learning to improve processes and efficiencies in large scale industrial applications
Cartken is an AI robot delivery software provider for B2B and B2C applications
AI Robotic Systems
Ecolectro utilises a patent protected technology to reduce catalyst degradation during electrolysis for the production of green hydrogen
AI Systems Control