SoftMoney is a skilled FinTech investor with over 16 years of experience. He has a keen eye for the future of disruptive tech and is known professionally for beyond the norm development strategies. As an early contributor to the successful roll out of Musson groups’ Mobile/Airtime distribution company Facey in the early telecoms market growth phase, SoftMoney was able to streamline company operations and pilot several companies into digital payment mediums.

With this background, Soft ventured into other investments which led him to Bitcoin and DLTs in 2014. He moved his focus and passion to the blockchain world where he became an early stakeholder in, moving on to launch Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) networks for the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, National Bank of Belize and Bank of Nigeria.

His love and understanding of the crypto world led him to become a Co-Founder of Fortitude Circle - an organization known for being a leader in the digital asset product space. He is also a Partner at NetZero Capital- a Venture Capital firm dedicated to assisting projects and ideas in the crypto space.

A man of many interests, Soft is both an art creator and investor. He is also a part time gaming enthusiast and enjoys the occasional motor cross adventure. He’s very much a believer in financial freedom and strives to equip persons with the knowledge and tools to create their own success. His favourite quote to live by is “Do or do not - there is no try”.